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Prof. Mack's Booklist

From the personal library of Chas. W. McCarty

Hageman's Make-up Book
by Maurice Hageman,
The Dramatic Publishing Company, Chicago, 1896.

Grease-Paints: their origin, use and application
A useful and up-to-date handbook on practical make-up especially prepared for amateurs and professionals.

Magic and Magicians
by Chas. J. Carter,
J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, New York, 1906.
A full expose of modern miracles. Showing also how tricks are performed with coins, cards, handkerchiefs, etc.

Ventriloquism and Kindred Arts
by Fred Russell, London,
published by Fred Russell,second english edition, 1910.
A practical treatise, giving explicit and reliable directions, whereby the whole art of distant voice illusion, figure working and vocal mimicry may be acquired.