Cast, Scripts & Content

While no complete script or list of Prof. Mack's cast of characters has yet been found, there are numerous mentions of specific characters and bits of action scattered throughout the various newspaper clippings, press notices, and handbills in the orginal collection of memorabilia. From these it is possible to construct a rather large cast of characters and to recognize some familiar content and action.


A search of all the materials in the Prof. Charles Mack Scrapbook yielded at least one reference to each of the following Punch and Judy characters. Those that were obvious alternate names for a character are listed on the same line. Most are recognizable as regulars from the British versions of Punch and Judy while several appear to be uniquely turn-of-the-century American or Prof. Mack originals.

Punch, Mr. Punch
Judy, Mrs. Judy
Baby, Tootsie Wootsie
Negro, Danny, Sambo
Crocodile, Alligator, Dragon
Sheriff, Policeman
Clown, Joey the Clown

Remarkable in its absence was any reference to Toby the Dog.




Below is a facsimile of one of the several handbills in the collection. It reveals just how closely Prof. Mack's Punch & Judy followed the traditional English versions.

Entirely free from all objectionable features, and is one of the
most pleasing and popular exhibitions that can be introduced for amusement Fairs, Childrens’ Parties, Sociables or similar Entertainments. Its many new and novel features never fail to attract an audience, create roars of laughter, excite the wonder of youth and afford quaint pleasure to older people.

You will laugh at the funny singing competition between
Punch and Joey the clown. The scene between Sambo the darkey and the Alligator, never fails to create a whirlwind of laughter.

You will smile at Punch’s efforts to rock dear little “TootsieWootsie” to sleep, and the Doctor, Sheriff, Jew, Policeman, Chinaman. Judy and all the other characters in this nursery drama, under the skillful manipulation of Professor Mack, always make the children happy and therefore better, and carries the older people back to childhood’s happy days.

Can be engaged for a morning, afternoon or evening per-
formance, or more extended period.

Time of presentation from 20 to 45 minutes.