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Pontius & Judas

Could this be the true origin of the names of Punch, Judy and Toby?

This clipping in the
scrapbook is from
the Boston Globe,
circa 1913.

Pontius and Judas

"Punch is the last survival in England of the old mystery or sacred plays, of which the Bavarians retain in the now noted play at Oberammergau.

The full name, Punch and Judy, is from the two chief characters,
Pontius and Judas. Punch as a Roman, speaks with a foreign accent, and has on his back a hump. This is in consequence of the tradition that after the condemnation, Pontius was haunted by the idea that the evil one sat on his back. In his exile, he was always followed by a black dog. Hence the introduction of Toby, so named from the dog of Tobias in the Bible.

Judas has now been transformed into a woman, because he was dressed in a flowing robe, after the fashion of the East."



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