Treasures from the Scrapbook

Explore selected treasures and curiosities
from the Prof. Charles Mack Scrapbook
and original collection of Punch and Judy
memorabilia dating from 1890 -1929.

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Punch in China - two illustrations

Prof. Mack Invoice

Press Notice - with two photos

Handbill #1 - with two photos

Handbill #2 - Punch at the movies

Handbill #3 obverse - portrait of C. Mack

Handbill #3 reverse - show description

School Days - newspaper cartoon

Christmas - newspaper cartoon

County Fair - newspaper cartoon

Church Lawn Party - newspaper cartoon

Charles McCarty as Clown - photo

Prof. B.F. Rose - Mack's colleague: a swazzle

Prof. B.F. Rose - Mack's colleague: his logo

Theo. Mack - carver of ventriloquial figures, a Charlie McCarthy connection

A Punchman's Day - photo and description

Booklist - some books from C. Mack's personal library

Business Cards - Charles McCarty's two careers

Pontius & Judas - possible origin of the names of Punch & Judy