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P&J Faire, Seattle, 8.6.99
above: Many of the Professors who performed August 6, 1999 in Seattle, WA at the Punch & Judy Faire, Puppeteers of America Festival '99.

back (l-r): ?, Mr. Bottles, Prof. Freshwater, Fred Greenspan, Nick Barone, Preston Foerder, Ginger Lozar?, Mary Edwards, ?; middle (l-r): ?, Prof. Martin Bridle, Glyn Edwards, Steve Hansen, Mark Levenson, ? Heidi Wohlwend, Brian Patterson; front (l-r): ?, ?, Will Stackman, Nancy Sander, Rob D'Arc, ?, ?, Coyote Schaaf
1999 Puppeteers of America Festival of the Millenium
The Punch & Judy Faire
A Special Event Friday afternoon, August 6, 1999

"This Covent Garden-style gathering of Punch professors in a beautiful outdoor courtyard promises to be the largest collection of Punch & Judy performances ever held in the Americas."

The performances of shows by Punch Professors from all over the United States along with a few stalwart professors from England was a wonderful conclusion and a highlight of the week-long Puppeteers of America Festival in Seattle, WA.

The Punch Page Goes to Seattle
Yours truly did in fact make it to Seattle just in time for the last day of Festival '99, but for our purposes and addiction it was more than worth trip. 32 Professors performed at intervals all afternoon, a record gathering in the USA and perhaps beyond as well.

 For more Faire coverage, see
The Punch & Judy Faire Photo Album

If your computer is capable of playing AIFF sound files, you are now listening to the above assembled Professors singing a rousing version of " the Sea." You may need to turn up the volume, the recording was made on a tiny portable recorder. The power of several swazzlers united in song was an unforgettable experience!
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