Motto Anatomy


"Don't Waste Guts"
Discovered: 1960 or 1961*

Meaning:   "Don't get involved in trying to solve problems that are beyond one's ability to affect.

Specific Purpose:    This motto was written in black permanent marker inside the crown of a rumpled thrift shop fedora that I wore everyday as I made my way around the town of Lawrence, Kansas and the University of Kansas campus where I was a sophomore sculpture major.   It was devised to assist me in coping with the very demanding, distracting and stressful interpersonal relationships of late adolescent life.

    Everytime I took my hat off or put it on I saw and/or thought of the words "DON"T WASTE GUTS."   Having it written on the inside of my hat kept it physically close to my brain in the hope that it would literally sink in.

    Slowly I did learn to not worry so much about other people's problems.   I think the motto helped.


*This may be the first consciously generated motto at Bob's Motto Factory.


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