Motto Uses & Origins

Most of the mottos in The BMF Collection were created or adapted to assist me in my personal development as an artist and to help in my pursuit of compassion and sanity in this strange world we live in. Many of them have been provided to my students to help them understand and unfold their own creative processes and to gain some insight into the creative process underlying the work of other artists.

Many of the mottos in The BMF Collection were originally created in response to problems and questions like these:

    Creative block (writer's block, fear of a blank canvas, etc.).
    Lack of confidence in personal ability, talent, imagination, or creativity.
    Coping with the pressures the "Art World" places on artists.
    How to realize one's creative potential and be the unique artist each of us is capable of being.
    Why create anything?
    Why am I creating ______ ?   (fill in blank with name of current artwork or creative form)
    Desperate need for any tips on how to ensure aesthetic integrity and success in any medium.
    What is my true nature?



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