photo of painted cutout

"Born-In-The-Desert" in the desert

oil on a 14" tall masonite cutout,  1995

This was one of several painted cutouts that got to travel back to the place of their original inspiration, Alabama Hills, where this picture was taken.   It is a painting of Alabama Hills from memory and is one of the first AHA (Alabama Hills Art) works.   It now resides permanently on the East end of "Boc's AHA Box.

This little painted guy lets me think about being born in San Bernardino County, California.   It helps me remember the first 7 years of my life living where I saw cactus and lizards and rattlesnakes and king snakes and tarantulas and hornytoads and hawks and Joshua Trees and yucca and wondrous rock formations and where late at night I listened to the cool water sounds of singing coyotes.


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