A Flaw Exercise



Find an object or image in your environment which you could easily describe as being flawed or ugly or that you could say has a defect.


Carefully study whatever it is about the object that makes you describe it as "flawed."


Now rename the flaws. Call them idiosyncrasies.
If this is confusing, read Flaws Defined. Realize that the "flaws" are in fact what makes the object unique. What do they tell you about the object, how it was made and what has happened to it since it was made? What do they tell you about yourself?


Next come up with ways to visually celebrate what you used to see as the "flaws" in the object. Refer to the list of Flaw Announcing Techniques for some ideas and suggestions.


After you have visually celebrated the flaws, look at the object or image.

If you were successful in:

- truly embracing the ugliness,
- truly loving the flaw,
- not hiding or denying the existence of
   the flaw,
- announcing the flaws without overwhelming
   or destroying the unique nature of
   the flawed object
then when you look at the object you will experience the thrill of "flawspace" and know what it is like to begin to be "free from preconceptions."



How to Announce Flaws

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