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Nada Farm Museum of Archetypes:

The Full Tour


First-time Visitors

At NFMOA, there is an actual Museum in addition to the virtual Museum in which you currently find yourself. When guests arrive at NFMOA for their first tour of the actual Museum, they are usually given an extensive walking/talking tour of the house, grounds and outbuildings in the compound during which they are introduced to many of the objects, images and ideas central to the work at NFMOA.

    This casual preview helps provide a context for a fuller understanding of the actual Museum and its contents and allows time for a common vocabulary to build. Here on the virtual tour you can encounter many of those same objects, images and ideas by visiting the Library, the Galleries and by taking a stroll around the Compound and the Gardenshed.


The Actual Museum

The actual Museum is dedicated to giving form to the Epic Dream of January 4,1984. It contains paintings, constructions, artifacts and even some sounds and fragrances all designed to present and reveal the Dream in the hope that it could be shared with others and perhaps establish a permanent doorway into the dreamworld. Having once entered the world of this Dream I wanted to always have a way back into it.

    Work began on the first painting shortly after the first dreaming, and grew in intensity and scope for about seven years. Much remains to be done and work is always in progress.

     Over the years, the many tours and the repeated tellings (including this one) of the Dreamstory have nourished the Dream, kept it alive and have helped it to continue to unfold.


The Full Tour currently includes the following resources:

The Dreamstory Begins

The Actual Museum: Space and Contents.

Selected Images from the Dream & Components of the Museum

Boc Ging Entering the Cave

For those who have had the Full Tour of the actual Museum, it is hoped that some of the information and images provided here will help recall the experience and refresh the memories. For those who have never been to the actual Museum at NFMOA, perhaps these resources will present a faint idea of what it is all about.