A is to B as B is to A + B


A Golden Section Tool

Consistent with the elegant simplicity of the Golden Proportion, there is a very simple "X" shaped tool that makes it possible to find, see and verify the Golden Proportion in the world around us. It is a very simple device modelled after a bronze tool used by architects in ancient Greece. Below you can find out what it looks like and how to make your own.

Get two thin, straight strips of equal length of some rigid material such as mat board, tag board or thin wood slats . The longer they are, the bigger the measurements that you can make. My large Golden Section tool is made of thin oak strips about 3 ' long. Take a look at a small one I made out of mat board.
Try this easy-to-use geometry to calculate the Golden Section of your strips. Mark the spot and drill or punch a hole in each strip at the same spot.
Connect the two strips at the hole you have made. For my large oak version, I used a short screw with a wing nut so I can tighten and lock the tool in place while taking or finding measurements. For my small portable version, I used two strips of matboard and a brass stationery connector.
Once your Golden Section Tool is finished, begin looking for the Golden Proportion in the world around you and in your own body. When you spread your Golden Section tool apart and take a measurement with one end, the other end will always be the Golden Proportion in relation to the former!
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