Sweet Nothings

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This is about the actual word nothing as well as its meanings. It is about the questions and doubts that it raises every time I hear it spoken or happen to read it. No matter what the context, whenever I hear the word, it always gets my attention. This is also about the surprisingly quieting reassurance nothing has given me throughout my life.


My interest in "Nothing" began when I was 10 years old.

It happened in Mr. Maher's fifth grade classroom. The room was in one of the east-west aligned wings of Cherry Avenue Junior High in Tulare, California. It must have been in the Fall of 1952 because by the spring semester Mr. Maher was fired for being mean and abusive (at least that is what all of the children who he had regularly paddled thought).
    I was sitting in the middle row of desks that faced east to the chalkboard where Mr. Maher, who was very tall and thin and looked like a clean shaven Abraham Lincoln, kept his list of students to be paddled. I sat in the second seat from the front, right behind Duane Miller who taught me the "F" word and who named me "Whitey" because of my very white hair. One day Mr. Maher stood in the front of the classroom and announced to us all:
"Nothing is Something and Something is Nothing!"

    I thought it over for a minute and realized that what he had just said was true! Given the concept of infinity and infinite possibilities: somewhere, sometime some thing must be no thing. And likewise: somewhere, sometime no thing must be some thing!
The Nadatorium
I have been fascinated with "nothing" ever since. The history of nadart and Nada Farm demonstrate the passion I have had for nothing for more than 45 years.
Because of all this, I have always paid close attention everytime I hear the word "nothing" used in a sentence or phrase. Over the years, I have collected quite a few. To see the ever-growing collection of statements and phrases all of which have nothing in common, go to the Nadatorium.  

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