The Nadatorium

A collection of statements and phrases that have nothing in common. All the entries in this collection have actually been encountered in real life or were submitted by contributors.

There is nothing to see here.

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Here Goes Nothing - I Have Nothing To Prove
Nothing has been changed,
Nothing has been added,
Nothing has been left out.
Nothing has been decided.

º º º

Nothing is as it has always been.
Nothing is like it used to be.
Nothing is as it should be.
Nothing could be better.
Nothing could be worse.

º º º

Nothing is certain.

Nothing in life is certain.
Nothing in death is certain.

Nothing can provide everlasting peace.

Nothing is guaranteed.
Nothing is for sure.

Nothing is safe.

º º º

Nothing has started.
Nothing is finished.

Nothing is something and something is nothing.

Nothing is sacred.

º º º

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

Nothing exists until it is observed.

Everything can be created from nothing.

º º º

Nothing is fair.
Nothing is perfect.
Nothing is important.
Nothing is here to stay.
Nothing is ever the same.
Nothing is preserved forever.
Nothing is as simple as it seems.
Nothing is disconnected from all that is.

Nothing is as easy as it looks.

Nothing is worth repeating.
Nothing is ever truly at rest.
Nothing is what you think it is.

Nothing is the same once you accept the possibility.

Nothing is changed when a flaw is announced.

º º º

A flaw announced changes nothing.

º º º

Nothing is repeatable:

Nothing is more lifelike.
Nothing is more infinite.
Nothing is more fulfilling.
Nothing is more exquisite.
Nothing is more satisfying.
Nothing is more longlasting.
Nothing is more rewarding.
Nothing is more beautiful.
Nothing is more perfect.

º º º

Nothing works.
Nothing changes.
Nothing matters.
Nothing comes close.
Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing seems to help.
Nothing remains the same.
Nothing heals disturbed land.
Nothing succeeds like success.
Nothing has such penetrating action.
Nothing provides more deep down invisible protection.
Nothing can be in more than one place at the same time.
Nothing provides more deep down satisfaction.
Nothing provides more deep down relief.
Nothing gets out every stain.
Nothing can be repeated.
Nothing catches my eye.
Nothing can be trusted.
Nothing lasts for long.
Nothing tastes better.
Nothing stands alone.
Nothing looks better.
Nothing can be done.
Nothing tastes good.
Nothing feels good.

Nothing appeals to me.

º º º

Nothing happened.
Nothing will happen.
Nothing is happening here.
Nothing ever happens here.
Don't worry, nothing will happen.

Nothing happens the same way twice.

º º º

Nothing doing.

Nothing need be done.
Nothing is being done.
Nothing was done.

Nothing is left undone.

º º º

Nothing inspires me now.
Nothing depresses me now.
Nothing frightens me now.
Nothing challenges me now.
Nothing excites me now.
Nothing interests me now.

Nothing would please me more.

Nothing could make me change my mind.

º º º

Nothing is too good for you!
Nothing is good enough for you.

º º º

Nothing changes what can't be changed.

º º º

Nothing in particular.
Nothing at all.
Nothing, really.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Nothing less, nothing more.

Nothing fancy please.

º º º

Let nothing get in your way.
Let nothing dominate you.

Leave nothing unfinished.
Leave nothing untouched.

Leave nothing to chance.
Leave nothing behind.

Take nothing less.

º º º

Remember nothing.
Forget nothing.

Take nothing for granted.
Nothing is free.

º º º

There is nothing for dinner.
There is nothing to think about.
There is nothing to worry about.
There is nothing to do around here.

There is nothing contained in the center.

There is nothing here.
There is nothing left to do.
There is nothing you can do.
There is nothing to stop you.

There is nothing to it.

There is nothing to fear.
There is nothing to worry about.
There is nothing to be upset about.
There is nothing to to be so happy about.

There is nothing new under the sun.

There is nothing profound left to say.

º º º

It's nothing.
Nothing at all.

It is all for nothing.

It's nothing like what I expected it to be.

º º º

My father gave me nothing.

º º º

I have nothing to hide.
I have nothing to lose.

I am nothing now.

º º º

I feel nothing.
I want for nothing.
I believe in nothing.
I have nothing to show for it.

I noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

º º º

Nothing really matters now.

º º º

I have nothing to say to you.
We have nothing to say to each other.
Nothing you can say will change my mind.

º º º

Thanks for nothing.

Thanks for nothing?   Just wait.   You ain't seen nothin' yet!

º º º

When asked: "What are you doing?" I often reply: "Nothing much."  

º º º

I have nothing more to say.

To say nothing of all this,
Nothing more need be said.

There is nothing I can say.

º º º

It may seem that I have nothing better to do,
but nothing could be further from the truth.
It was nothing after all.
It was nothing but a dream.

º º º
"Education is an admirable thing,
but it is well to remember from time to time
that nothing worth knowing can be taught."  -
Oscar Wilde

º º º
There is nothing left.

Nothing is impossible.
 º º º

I heard nothing.

Nothing is worth listening to.

º º º


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