"The Chief" with friend.

A 10' - 12' tall carved and painted redwood figure at the Chief Drive-In located on US Highway 101 in Laytonville, CA.

Ironically this romanticized Indian is dressed in stylized Plains Indian regalia and does not much resemble the traditional dress of local Native Americans. During the last 150 - 200 years, Northern California tribes (Pomo, Yuki, Wailaki, Nomlaki, Maidu, KonKow and others) were victims of horrible massacres and were frequently raided to provide slave labor for the Catholic missions to the south. Fortunately in recent decades, their rich cultural traditions have seen a renaissance as elders and younger tribal members have begun work to preserve the unique dances, regalia and the basketry of the region. The basketry has long been highly prized, collected and recognized as some of the finest in the world.

One way you can begin to get some information about local Native American heritage and history is to visit an excellent site called Pomo Indian Tribes of California.



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