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September 12, 1999

Updates at last!
Having gone so many months with very little in the way of new material or updates, your humble and harried Punch Page editor has finally found (stolen?) the time needed to bring the page back up to snuff.

First, and certainly not foremost, is the addition of this very page on which your eyes are now resting. Here you will find special announcements, reports on any new features or content, descriptions of recent updates, info on any structural changes at The Punch Page, and, from time to time, some random thoughts about our hero and his entourage now and in the past.

Special Announcement!   
New section devoted to the August 6, 1999
Punch & Judy Faire
in Seattle.
It includes a Punch & Judy Faire Photo Album with photos of Professors, performances & the Giant Puppet Parade!

Updates & New Features

Numerous updates have been made this summer. You will find most of them in The Professor's Page. Many Professors from around the world have graciously sent us photos and descriptions of their puppets, stages and shows. Many thanks for their patience during the long wait for their material to be added.

Lots of new images in the many new links on the Professor's Page.
Also a special Punch & Judy Faire Photo Album is now ready for viewing.

More books have been added to the list. and... I hope you won't find this too distasteful, but we are adding a small commercial aspect to The Punch Page. On our Punch Booklist page, you can now link directly to to purchase some of the many books described in our list. If you purchase a book, The Punch Page will receive a small percentage at no extra cost to you. We will use any revenue thus generated to support, expand and improve the resources of The Punch Page.

The Punch Links page contains links to several new online resources created by professors and Punch & Judy organizations in England. These are definitely worth checking out! They provide an insight into current trends and topics in the Punch & Judy world as well as some great historical information and photographs.

Bob Comings, editor
The Punch Page


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