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"Now... That's the way to do it!"

Full of resources related to the origins, history and activities of Punch, the world famous puppet.

The Punch Page is dedicated to celebrating, remembering and keeping alive the spirit of Punch, one of the most outrageous and surprisingly loveable characters of all time.

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The Resources:

The Punch Gallery   - Old, New  & Original Images of Punch.

Punch Professors  - Meet the people behind the puppets.

Prof. Charles Mack Scrapbook  - American Punchman, 1861 - 1934

Punch Links  - Histories, Stories, Resources & more Images.

Punch & Judy Faire - Seattle, 1999 - Photos, coverage, sounds.

A Punch & Judy Reading List  - Byrom, Speaight and more.

Prof. Will's Reading List - Scripts, books, resources.

The Many Names of Punch  - The Punch Family Tree?

Punch's Swazzle  - What It Is & How to Make One.

Art of the Swazzle - Listen to Punch's Voice.

Punch Cartoon  - Doing What He Does Best! (124k)

Punch & Judy Book Banned!  - Political Correctness in England.

The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Punch & Judy - a pdf file facsimile of an 1832 edition of Collier & Cruickshank's book complete with script and color images of the original lithographs. (1.9MB)

The Mayhew Script - From the Henry Mayhew interview with a London Punchman orginally published in 1851 in "London Labour and the London Poor." (48k)

Listen to the Music at the Show - listen to a sound file and see the music of a song believed to have been performed at Piccini's early 19th century Punch & Judy show. Downloading this page with its 362k sound file (.aif) can take 1-3 minutes depending on your connection. You will be able to view the related images and text while you wait for the sound file.


The Punch Page Rests

The Punch Page no longer accepts contributions nor will there be periodic updates. The site will remain on-line as a resource.

The Punch Page was created in 1996 in an effort to collect and present as much information as possible about Old Red Nose and to satisfy the editor's greed for images of Punch.

The editor has become too busy with other web projects (the ones that pay the bills) to properly maintain The Punch Page. Also several marvelous new sites devoted to Punch & Judy have been established in the mother country and elsewhere freeing The Punch Page of the responsibility to continue to collect and publish Punch & Judy information. The Punch Page therefore reluctantly leaves the field.

Many thanks to all the contributors from around the world who provided so much wonderful content, information and support during the past several years. Special thanks from a devoted fan to all past and present Punch Professors for keeping the spirit of Punch alive!

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